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ASI - Telecom - Products - Direction Finding and Geolocation

Direction Finding and Geolocation

ISOCDF is a highly specialized program designed for radio direction finding (DF) and locating transmission sources as well as the following tasks:

  • Connecting to remote DF sites
  • Retrieving the Line of Bearing (LOB) from each site
  • Synchronizing the DF LOBs
  • Determining the bearings to be used for the location calculation
  • Executing the triangulation algorithm
  • Calculating the uncertainty ellipse and the coordinates of the probable transmission point (PTP)
  • Listen to and record an audio signal on a given frequency

One of the powerful features of ISOCDF is its capability to generate offline and online DF log files, or scanning files. The playback utility of the ISOCDF can play back the collected log files, sort the bearings from different sites by frequency and time, synchronize all the LOBs to create PTP and generate a log file that takes into account the different LOBs from all the different sites that can be integrated together based on the integration time defined under settings. Since all DF sites should be equipped with a GPS, all DF sites will be time synchronized, which makes the integration of the LOBs from different sites and the generation of PTPs a very possible task.

The system also allows manual site entries and simulation modes. This is especially useful when a network connection is not available between a DF site and its control center.

The operator may keep track of all reports by maintaining a history of the current real-time connection. This allows review and playback later.

The system may also display transmitters and ther location on the map. This works with the station information database. Finally, report generation is also supported. The operator may generate a printable report containing useful information such as monitoring sites, PTP, snapshots, etc.

  Direction Finding and Geolocation Brochure


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