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To address an ongoing need for a light, portable, remote monitoring system, ASI has revisited the ISOC concept, and through discussions with the users, redesigned and repackaged the system to better reflect feedback from the field. The ISOC-LITE retains all the functionality of the full ISOC system, but in a more modular form. An extremely cost efficient method of initiating a spectrum management program at a reasonable start up cost.

System modularity and overall size of the package were the primary design criteria. This permits the end user to easily configure the system for the task to be performed, while maintaining easy portability.

The primary package consists of a suitcase style case measuring approximately 21" by 13" by 12" and only 12kgs in weight. Standard features include a laptop computer and a basic EB200 receiver. This package with the supplied PC type controller (laptop) supports scanning functions from 10 KHz to 3000 MHz. In this mode a user supplied ASCII frequency list of up to 500 frequencies is easily downloaded into the system. Alternatively a start and end frequency and step size can be provided, with the system generating the frequency list and programming of the receiver.

The data generated by the scanning sessions can be analyzed by ASI TMRS (Technical Measurement Reporting System) Preview software, to provide occupancy reports and peak hour reports for selected frequencies.

The system utilizes a standard PC based portable computer, which can allow either local or remote download/upload of scanning files over a LAN or dial up link. Additionally, ISOC Lite supports digital audio recording capability with time stamp.

The ISOC-LITE provides a lightweight, flexible solution to many types of monitoring requirements, but more importantly it allows communications authorities to initiate a spectrum survey at a minimal cost. Other features can be added as required, to expand overall system capabilities.

Technical Specifications

  • ISOC Lite
    • Laptop computer, with 2GHz processor or better
  • Receiver
    • EB200 (10 kHz to 3000 MHz)
    • D130 antenna (25 kHz to 1300MHz)
  • Supplied Software
    • TMRS Preview
  • Options
    • TDF equipment can be used depending on the requirements
    • Multiple receivers can be controlled at the same time
    • Various antenna types can be used. An OMNI directional antenna is supplied. Directional antennas and others, depending on the requirements, are available at additional cost
  ISOC-LITE Brochure


Aerosystems International offers a variety of products and services in the aerospace sector. As an AS9100 registered company we can supply wire /complete harness assemblies, ground support equipment, either custom or build-to-print. ASI specializes in handling small quantity orders to support spare part sales. ASI has invested in a variety of specialized wire handling equipment, including industry standard UV laser wire markers.