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ISOC, short for Integrated Spectrum Observation Center, is the foundation for a selection of state-of-the-art spectrum management tools and systems available from ASI. It is specifically designed to control multiple electronic sensors, simultaneously and remotely, providing an integrated network system for management of the radio spectrum.

Although ISOC is capable of controlling any equipment that can be controlled remotely, its most popular application is for spectrum control and management by communication agencies of national governments.

ISOC was developed in collaboration with the Government of Canada to meet their spectrum control and management needs. More features and drivers are added continuously to meet the requirements of today's communication technologies.

ISOC is an integrated hardware/software, client-server application that runs under the latest versions of Windows Operating System.

ISOC allows users from across the room or across the globe to operate equipment from a computer-generated virtual rack. Graphic representations of the equipment, gives full control of the sensors. The following functions are fully implemented and supported.

Major Features

  • Occupancy scanning
  • Technical Measurements
  • Digital Audio recording (manual or automated)
  • Remote Digital Audio Listening and Recording over computer speakers
  • Direction Finding / Triangulation over digital maps
  • Frequency Monitoring
  • Spectrum analysis
  • Alarm Capability
  • Fixed/Mobile Sites
  • Unattended Operations

ISOC can be utilized to collect large amount of occupancy data over a long period of time. The collection of channel occupancy information is an essential tool in the management of the radio spectrum. The information it provides can be used in many ways. This includes:

  • Verifying the presence of licensed users
  • Determining the existence of unlicensed or clandestine activity
  • Providing information necessary for the planning of new frequency bands
  • Geolocation of transmitters using direction finders and triangulation over digital maps
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Aerosystems International offers a variety of products and services in the aerospace sector. As an AS9100 registered company we can supply wire /complete harness assemblies, ground support equipment, either custom or build-to-print. ASI specializes in handling small quantity orders to support spare part sales. ASI has invested in a variety of specialized wire handling equipment, including industry standard UV laser wire markers.