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TMRS (Technical Measurement Reporting System) is a highly specialized program designed for technical measurements analysis and reporting. The application uploads technical data to the database which allows the user to view and analyze the data at a later stage. The technical information consists of occupancy, measurement and direction finding data.

The ASI monitoring equipment can be utilized to collect large amount of occupancy data during a long period of time, the collection of channel occupancy is an essential tool in the management of the radio spectrum. The information it provides can be used in many ways. These include but are not limited to; verify the presence of licensed users, determine the existence of unlicensed or clandestine activity and provide information necessary for the planning of new frequency bands. The ASI monitoring equipment can be used to perform this data collection task. It is a state of the art combination of hardware and software that enables the collection of large amounts of channel occupancy data in a timely manner. The scanning or stepping speed can be in the order of 10,000 channels per second, depending on data points per channel settings.

The channel occupancy information collected by the ASI monitoring equipment utilizes a technique called signal threshold analysis. In this procedure, the scanning equipment collects detailed signal level measurements for each of the channels in the frequency list. During the TMRS analysis, a signal threshold level is set, so that the time stamped amplitude measurements collected during the monitoring session can be compared against this level. This is done to determine if the signal level measured is above or below this user defined amplitude level (threshold) and is in effect applying a "software squelch or threshold" to the data. In the analysis, all signal levels measured below the threshold are classed as noise, and all signal level measurements above the threshold are classed as signal. Using this method, detailed amplitude signatures can yield occupancy information for all scanned frequencies.

The TMRS software provides many search options, thus allowing the user to find the information quickly. The user may search by a defined reference ID, a specific frequency, a frequency range, or a list of frequencies for a given monitoring site and region and for a specific range of dates. The user may search for occupancy, measurement or direction finding data. All data is represented by easy to read graphs and maps.

The TMRS reporting capabilities allow the generation of many reports. Reports may be customized according to clients' needs.

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