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A Caribbean Client Upgrades its Spectrum Explorer System

A Caribbean Client upgraded its Spectrum Explorer System to add PCSA (Personal Communications System Analyzer) capability.

The Personal Communications System Analyzer (PCSA) is an optional application that provides online monitoring, characterization and analysis of TDMA signals used for mobile communications. Robust signal processing techniques allow for the extraction of parameters related to spectral occupancy, channel type identification and angle of arrival of mobile users.

Major PCSA Features:

  • Analyze personal communications systems:
    • AMPS, US Digital Cellular / IS-136, iDEN, GSM / GPRS
  • Channel type identification, including:
    • Traffic channels, Control channels, Dummy channels, Noise
  • Spectral Occupancy Parameter Extraction
    • Power and SNR of TDMA slots
    • Adjacent channel interference power, SIR
  • Angle-of-arrival of TDMA users
  • Channel and traffic occupancy of TDMA systems
  • SAT base station identification (AMPS)
  • Complementary interworking with the WBS application