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ASI Becomes Exclusive Canadian Distributor of Poynting Antennas

ASI signed an exclusive distributor agreement with Poynting Antennas for Canada

ASI has now available a wide range of Poynting Antennas' defence products.

Products now available in the Canadian market include the following categories:

  • Direction Finding antennas of all sizes, for all applications
  • Monitoring active and passive antennas
  • Jamming (Omni-Directional and Directional Antennas) for stand-off jamming applications
  • Counter-RCIED (Radio-Controlled Improvised Explosive Devices) antennas in man-pack and vehicle mounted configurations
  • LPDA (Log-Periodic Dipole Arrays) from the smallest GSM-frequency LPDAs, to large VHF jamming antennas.
  • Specialised communication products
  • RF and microwave electronics products, passive and active