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Telecom - Products - Spectrum Explorer, the Ultimate Tool

Telecom - Products - Spectrum Explorer, the Ultimate Tool

Spectrum Explorer, the Ultimate Tool

Experts monitoring today's complex wireless signal environment require state-of-the-art communications measurement equipment and spectrum monitoring systems. The CRC-developed Spectrum Explorer (SE) is a flexible software framework which provides a family of sophisticated applications that perform spectrum surveillance and analysis.

Installed on a Windows-based PC, SE works with a broad range of commercial RF receiving and digitizing hardware. This spectrum monitoring system supports the digital signal processing and user-friendly GUI control needed by specialists to assess the usage and quality of the radio spectrum.

Major Features of SE spectrum monitoring equipment

  • Monitors and captures all types of signals
    • Transients, low level, adjacent
  • Uses commercially available hardware and Windows OS
    • Non-proprietary tuners and ADCs
    • Small size, low power, portable systems
    • Automatic OS updates, Plug & Play
  • Modular design
    • Update/add subsystem components independently
  • Intuitive GUI operation
  • Complementary interworking between applications
  • Sharing mode minimizes hardware
    • Can run multiple simultaneous applications using a single tuner/ADC
Spectrum Explorer Applications


Wideband Scanner

WBS provides detailed real-time spectrum monitoring measurements by causing the tuner to sweep frequencies typically from 2 MHz to 6 GHz and displaying spans typically from 20 MHz -250 MHz. The wideband IF composite signal is digitized by the ADC and passed to the PC where digital signal processing converts it to frequency domain points. These points may be displayed as energy spectrum, as channels, and/or as detections. The span, the number of channels and the resolution bandwidth are set via a GUI interface and can be stored in scan tables for reuse. Gain and attenuation can be adjusted to suit the signal strength of the spectrum monitoring environment. Active scan parameters can be captured in a log file for detailed analysis.

Major Features of SE spectrum monitoring equipment
  • Ultra fast scanning and scheduled logging
    • Statistical analysis of logged data
  • Dynamic tables of measurements
  • RF energy and channel detection
  • Adjustable gain and attenuation
  • Signal and channel filtering
    • Peak, RMS, Exponential
  • Channel occupancy determination
  • Noise floor level determination
  • Signal detection using
    • Constant probability of false alarm
    • Signal-to-noise ratio (SNR)
  • Alarms for many signal parameters
  • Zooming capability for scrutiny of signals of interest
  • Complementary interworking with other SE applications
    • SA
    • DF
    • PCSA
    • TFA

Spectrum Analyzer

The SA is an advanced spectrum monitoring device that provides a dynamic display of power spectral density versus the frequency. The display span and resolution can be adjusted over a wide range of values. The SA can be operated in conjunction with the Spectrum Explorer™s Wideband Scanner to provide an integrated system that offers narrowband scrutiny in a wideband context. Continuous signal data, block signal data and triggered events can be captured to file for future playback and analysis. The SA includes a demodulation capability and provides control and input for commercial drop-down receivers. The SA allows access to the optional Communications Signal Analyzer (CSA) that determines modulation type and gives signal parameter measurements.

Major Features

  • Display line and Markers
  • Transient detection and capture
  • Data logging and playback
  • Signal demodulation and recording
  • Continuous or block mode operation
  • Displays
    • Frequency
    • Time linear (I and Q data)
    • Time polar
    • Power vs. frequency vs. time
  • Complementary interworking with other SE applications
    • WBS
    • CSA


Optional Applications

  • Communication Signal Analyzer (CSA)
  • Direction Finder (DF)
  • Personal Communication System Analyzer (PCSA)
  • Time Frequency Analyzer (TFA)

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